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Close Up View of Bass Guitar Strings





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The Arts. For too long the church has been afraid of the arts. And for too long the world has used the arts to tell a story contrary to what God wants them to hear.


It's time to take it back!


The influence of the media, the arts, movies, theatre, storytelling of all kinds, is massive. Jesus used stories all the time, and very rarely did He tell a Bible story! Think about it, all His stories were originals. :)


Our dream is to see actors, singers, musicians, writers, directors, filmmakers, composers, creators of all kinds, learn their skill to the highest level, collaborate, and produce work of the highest quality that brings the highest praise to the Highest One of all! If you're interested in the arts in any way, whether you're a creative person, or you just love the arts and want to see more quality entertainment with a heart for God and Truth, keep in touch and watch this space! God is moving. Are you ready?

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