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How Informed are You?

This week in our current series, Restoring Foundations, we are discovering the biblical truth about 5 fundamental realities that affect every aspect of our lives. This week, we are finishing our look at Reality #2, God Created the Universe in Six Days and beginning with Reality #3, God Designed Gender, Marriage and Family.

To stand for truth, it is important to become informed. You do not need to be able to quote statistics or carry a science digest wherever you go, but you do need to know the Word and why you believe what you believe. All of us can have a few scientific facts at our fingertips, like the decreasing magnetic field or the amount of salt in the sea which both prove the earth is only thousands of years old, not millions. But most importantly, standing on the foundation of the truth of the Word of God is our greatest proof.

Moving on to Reality #3, we can see that false ideas are destroying God’s principles is destroying our society. God designed gender, marriage and family for our safety, health and prosperity. Secular, worldly philosophy will always seek to oppose God by undermining marriage and the nuclear family. In the next few weeks we will see God’s design for the family as the foundation of society and for marriage as the foundation of the family. Invite a family from your neighborhood to home church as we continue to strengthen our understanding of the foundations of truth in the Word.

'God setteth the solitary in families: He bringeth out those which are bound with chains: But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.' Psalm 68:6 KJV

Restoring Foundations,

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