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Pursuing Purpose

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Today's blog comes from a teaching series by Karen Conrad, author of The Promise of Purpose and host of TV home makeover show; Sweet Tea Hospitality. Karen worked with Pastor Richard at Andrew Wommack Ministries for many years. We are very blessed to have her bring a four-part series on Purpose to Upstream.

During this series, Karen will share on how purpose can help us Find direction for life decisions; walk out our dreams on a biblical foundation; eliminate fear that hinders dreaming big, identify and break through glass ceilings, walk in blessings that are ours in Christ, and how we are all designed to standout from the crowd and influence the world around us.

You may have all this figured out. But sometimes, when difficult times hit, we realise our foundation might not be as strong as we thought. Let's be clear, God never desires for us to go through difficult times. It's not His intention and even will for us to suffer tragedy or loss. But often when we are in those difficult places, God will provide stepping stones to help us navigate and learn to depend and rely upon Him more and more. This of course ultimately leads to deeper roots, stronger foundations and a closer, more intimate and dependant relationship upon the Father.

But of what are those stepping stones made? Purpose is key. In those difficult times, shake down to the foundations of your life and ask yourself; what is your purpose? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why am I here?

  2. Why am I alive?

  3. Does my life matter?

  4. Does God even see me?

When we pursue that thread of what life is about and why we are here, essentially, our purpose, we start to understand what life is about, why it matters and that God does see you. You can learn more on this by clicking the image below and listening to a snippet from Karen's teaching series, The Promise of Purpose. Yours Purposefully, Upstream Ministries Watch Now...

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