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The Same but Different

In our current series, Restoring Foundations, we are discovering the biblical truths about 5 fundamental realities that affect every aspect of our lives. This week, we are continuing to look at Reality #3, God Designed Gender, Sex, Marriage and Family.

'If the foundations be destroyed, What can the righteous do?' Psalm 11:3 KJV

If your foundations are based on mixture or misinformation rather than the inerrant, infallible Word of God, you could be adding to the confusion that is rampant in our society today. As believers, we want to minister grace and truth, which bring freedom and healing. The Lord created two genders, and they are equal in value but different in purpose. God said it was good for all mankind and for all eternity.

Let’s commit to walk on the sure foundation of His Word and season our speech with the love of Christ. When we speak the truth in love we will win the hearts of those confused by the deceptions of the enemy and bring peace in a place of chaos.

This week in the Colorado Springs/Woodland Park area we will gather for Big Church (details below). Come join us, we would love to see you there.


Upstream Worldwide Ministries


Coffee & Doughnuts: 10:00am

Service: 10:30am Location: Ute Pass Cultural Center Woodland Park, CO Worship led by Adam Stone. Word brought by Richard Harris. Kids ministry provided. Join us for a chance to hear about the vision of Upstream Ministries, meet some Home Church leaders from around Woodland Park, and hear teaching from Pastor Richard's series, Restoring Foundations - a reminder to the church of all that we stand for and build our foundations upon in this tumultuous and unsettling time in our history.

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