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The identification of the next generation will change the nations. We at Upstream believe and know that it's our duty to serve and empower our younger saints with power, identity and love. Watch this space and keep in touch.

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Katheleen Obi Obasi

Kathleen is Director of Youth Ministries at Upstream.

My name is Kathleen Obi Obasi and I am originally from Northern Illinois. I have a bachelors in Psychology, and now I will be graduating 3rd year ministry from Charis Bible College. I grew up involved in church activity, helping out in the children's ministry, serving as a youth leader, being a church intern and a pastoral assistant. Most of the things I find myself doing these days outside of school and work are teaching, writing and strumming away at my guitar.

I love to hang out with friends and fill my eyes with God's beautiful creation. I am always down to have a good time! I'm honored to be the Director of Youth Ministry at Upstream Worldwide Ministries. The heart behind serving each of you is for you to intimately know the Father, be equipped to walk boldly in who you are in Christ and to live your life rooted and established in God. Jesus loves you with a love that knows no bounds! Let's explore life in Him together!

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