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For us, those three words really capture what Upstream is all about. And, like our name itself, there are many applications and meanings behind those three words that describe our vision beautifully.

To experience God's POWER at work in your life and to see that power changing the lives of those around you.

To know God's true IDENTITY and to demonstrate it to the world around you by knowing your identity in Christ Jesus.

To live a life of LOVE, as we have been loved. Experience is an invitation to a lifestyle. We want you to experience His Love like never before so you can live a powerful, dangerous and beautiful lifestyle of love.



Our vision at Upstream is to provide resources filled with revelation and inspiration for the nations and for generations. We believe relationship with Jesus leads us to relationship with people, and that's where discipleship starts. Our goal is for home church leaders around the world to have free access to great teaching, worship, inspiration and much more, empowering them to be able to do what they do best, wherever they are.

If you would like to start your own home church, small group or even a simple coffee morning Bible study, we hope you will find all you need here at Upstream. And we'd love to connect with you. 

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Our Leadership


Richard and Donna Harris

Our Senior Pastors, Richard and Donna live in Colorado, USA. For more, click here.


Adam and Cathrin Stone

Our Senior Leaders, Adam and Cathrin, live in Devon, England. For more, click here.

What people have said about Upstream...



- Austria

Richard’s teachings are always on point. The Lord really speaks to me through him. I ran the children's ministry for a season and Richard&Donna always made me feel so welcome, valued and loved.

Adam is an outstanding worship leader, not just for a large congregation but his team, of which I was blessed to be a member. His faithfulness and dependence upon the Holy Spirit was such a blessing to be around.



- Washington

Richard's heart for the congregation is evident in the way he shares his sermons. He speaks truth in love, always driving home the truth of the Word of God.


Adam Stone leads worship with conviction and skill.

Together, both Richard and Adam have impacted our lives and encouraged our walk with God. 



- Michigan

Worship with Adam is always so spontaneous and filled with the presence of God. His mindfulness to know what the Spirit is saying during worship produces an atmosphere of expectation and draws people into an encounter with God.

Richard always creates an atmosphere of freedom. We felt free to open our hearts to God, our minds to the Word and our arms to our neighbors. His teachings are so edifying to the body, and he always made our church feel like home. Richard and Donna always make you feel part of the family, and we're so thankful for that.



- Somerset, UK

Adam's Holy Spirit anointed worship has helped us through challenging times and taken us to spiritual heights that we never knew existed! Anointed! It never fails to bring us closer to Jesus and to feel God's ever-present presence. We have experienced both profound revelation and consequent healing of the soul during his worship sessions.


Pastor Richard's teaching has contributed enormously toward our understanding of who we are in Christ. Life changing! Richard's love of God's word comes over clearly in his messages. His teaching is so easy to understand that the Truth reaches into your heart.



- South Carolina

We have had the joy of 'doing life' with Richard and Donna for a number of years. Richard is an anointed and inspiring teacher of the Word. They are both genuine followers of Jesus with a passion and a clear calling for discipling others.

We've have known Adam and Cathrin for several years both personally and professionally. Adam is a gifted worship leader in a small group or huge crowd. We have experienced both and felt the invitation to worship as he enters into worship with passion and integrity, all to the Glory of God.



- Colorado

One day Adam was worshipping and the Holy Spirit led him to focus on peace. It was exactly what I needed as I was going through a stressful time of separation from family and job transition.


These occurrences of the Holy Spirit speaking through Adam in Worship are not once in a blue moon either, but quite often.

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