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Meet The Team


Richard and Donna

Richard and Donna love to see people get connected, both to God and to each other. They believe this happens best in homes. This belief is rooted in their own experience. Home based

ministry has been a source of intimate relationships and powerful encounters with God.


“Some of the closest relationships of our life are with friends we made in home groups,” said Donna. “We have been through a lot together, supporting and praying for each other during the good times and the hard times.”

Richard and Donna have seen God move in amazing ways in their home groups, including a dear friend

who was healed of a tumor after a supernatural time of prayer. When Donna and Richard’s third son,

Maxx, was born with autism, their home group walked with them through the journey of faith that

culminated in Maxx’s complete, miraculous healing 18 months later.

In 2015, Richard and Donna opened their home to help launch Grace and Faith Bible Church in Woodland Park, Colorado. News about the intimate worship and the moving of the Holy Spirit at Grace and Faith spread fast. The group grew to over 90 people in four months. Richard and Donna served as associate pastors and then became the senior pastors in 2017.


Donna was raised in a Christian family. She personally accepted Christ when she was 9 and was filled with the Holy Spirit in a life changing encounter with God at a youth camp at age of 16. She has always had a love for Pastors’ families and foreign missions. In fact, in 1993, Donna and Richard became engaged to be married in Singapore while serving on a short term missions trip. Donna is gifted by the Lord with an amazing ability to create environments that facilitate building relationships. She loves to

minister to the individual and is known for her loyalty and devotion to family and friends.


Richard has a passion to see people transformed by the love of God. Above everything else, he desires

to help others know God for who He really is, to experience the joy of knowing him intimately.

Richard was raised in poverty with alcoholic parents. His heart was transformed through a poweful encounter with God at the age of 24. He trained and worked for 23 years as a trial attorney but believes it was all in preparation for teaching the Word of God. His powerful exposition and application of the Bible leads others to encounter Jesus Christ. Through his ministry, the Lord reveals life-changing truths which empower listeners to experience God in their daily lives. Many have stated that Richard’s teaching helps them to finally ‘connect the dots’ in their walk with the Lord.


The Harris family has travelled the world on Kingdom assignments in Europe, Asia and Israel, as well as many places in the United States. While Grace and Faith Bible Church was a thriving church in the local Community, Richard and Donna began to sense that Lord was taking the church and their ministry in a new direction.


Building on their experience in home groups, God stirred in them a desire to make a bigger and fuller impact. He revealed to them a plan to re-build a New Testament structure of worship and community, and from this vision Upstream

was born. Richard and Donna know that God is doing a new thing in the earth and are grateful and excited to be a part of it. The greatest joy of all is knowing how peoples lives are going to be forever changed.


Adam and Cathrin

Adam and Cathrin met whilst travelling the world, so it feels right for them to be involved in a global ministry that helps people around the world get closer to Jesus. 

Adam comes from a Christian home and family. Born and raised in England he was a worship leader by age 17 and worship pastor of Pip'n'Jay Church at 23. He's led worship for Hillsong London and Andrew Wommack Ministries, written songs with Tim Hughes and sat under the leadership of Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech and Pete Wilson.

Adam was trained as an actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and went on to have a successful career on stage and screen for 20 years before moving to Colorado to attend Charis Bible College.

Cathrin grew up on a small island off the northern coast of Germany. Her family was raised under Communism and knew nothing of God. When Cathrin met Adam, all that changed. Cathrin opened her heart to Jesus and her life was never the same again. Adventure, healing, power, identity and love became her testimony.

Cathrin studied Business and now runs her own company, alongside being an Instagram Influencer and full-time wife and mother of two boys, Sky and Finn.

After getting married in 2013, Adam and Cathrin moved to Colorado to attend Charis Bible College where Adam later pioneered the Creative Arts Program. That's where they met Richard and Donna who were to become their best friends.

The pair joined Richard and Donna as leadership of Grace and Faith Bible Church in Woodland Park, CO. Adam led worship for the church and developed several teams and leaders who have since gone on to lead in their home towns around the world.

Seven years later they found themselves with their two little boys, living in a cottage in the beautiful English countryside wondering what God would do next. That's when Jesus took them Upstream!

The rest is an adventure with Him that's still to be discovered and enjoyed.

Adam and Cathrin are so blessed to be part of this exciting, Jesus-centred ministry, and know that God is up to His usual tricks: blessing blessing blessing!

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At Upstream, we are all about new faces and new friends. There's plenty of room Upstream for all of us! Our vision is to see home church leaders around the world empowered with resources to be able to spread the Kingdom of God, wherever they are.


Would you love to be able to host your own church - in your own home or at a venue, relaxed, fun and filled with deepening relationships?


That's how we Richard and Donna's basement! You might be thinking, but I'm not a teacher or a worship leader. Hence, Upstream!


Let us do the 'hard work' for you, allowing you to focus on building relationships, seeing lives changed in your community and going deeper with Jesus every step of the way.

If you're interested, just hit the Contact button and drop us a line.

We'd love to see you experiencing the Upstream life!

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