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How Do You Believe?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

This week we are continuing our series, How to be Happy in Tribulation. We are looking at seven mindsets, or spiritual disciplines that will enable us to walk in joy and contentment while overcoming tribulations. The third of these mindset is Faith.

God has given us the ability to believe. Think of it like a faith box inside each of us. That box is either turned off or on, it is either in unbelief mode or in belief mode, engaging with the Word in our spirit man. When faith combines with the Word of God in our spirit, we are able to believe in the real, eternal, unwavering promises of God even if we are not experiencing those promises in the natural realm.

The Bible is full of people who walked by faith: Abraham, Sarah, Daniel, Gideon, David, Peter and so many more. Remember, you are no different than these people. Don’t wait for difficult times to stir yourself up. Develop a lifestyle of faith today.


Richard Harris

Upstream Worldwide Ministries

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