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Peace in Purpose ✌️

Peace. That's an interesting concept right now in a world literally at war. If it's not politics, it's pandemic, if it's not policing, it's pollution and now, it's literally 'peace' that is threatened with Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine.

Of course, as believers and readers of the Bible, we aren't surprised by all this, but that doesn't mean some of us don't still struggle with a lack of peace, or anxiety, occasionally. So this week, as Karen Conrad, author of The Promise of Purpose and our guest speaker with Upstream for the last few weeks, finishes her teaching series, we wanted to focus on the Peace in Purpose.

Karen has taught us that we each have a purpose and that sometimes it's in the toughest stages of life that we can discover what that purpose is, like stepping stones to understanding. Then we learnt that God has already provided for that purpose. Whatever He's called you and purposed you to do, He has provided for ahead of time. And last week we found out that there is also promotion to be found purpose. Just like Esther, when we have that heart to heart connection with the Father, our purpose drives us on and gives us boldness to go where others may fear to tread. And as we plant seeds and water them, God brings about an increase that we could never have achieved on our own.

Finally, it's time to relax in all that we've learnt! God has created us uniquely and with purpose, He has imparted into you the gifts and talents necessary to bring it to pass. So relax, God's got this!! Relax and respond to what he's called you to do. There's a great sense of peace in that knowledge.

Take time with Him to solidify the purpose He's put in your heart. Then, look at all the ways at which you can influence people with the love of Jesus through connecting that purpose; connecting those gifts and talents He's put in you; and connecting the passion you have to fulfil what he's called you to do. You will see amazing things happening in your life and in the Kingdom of God through you and around you. And, you will fulfil God's destiny and purpose in our life.

With that heart to heart pursuit, even if we don't do it all perfectly and look back and think we could've done so much more, when we commit at the heart level, and lean into God, we will all enjoy that 'well done, good and faithful servant'. Let that bring you peace today.

Resources from these teachings along with Karen's book The Promise of Purpose can be found on her website at

Watch the clip by clicking on the image below.

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