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The Pathway to Purpose

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This week we are finishing up Pastor Richard's series entitled 'How to Be Happy in Tribulation'. Last week we began, and this week we continue to look at the 7th Mindset; Purpose. How important purpose is can be seen in a troubling survey that was conducted by Barna and asked Millennials what the meaning of life was. 75%, that's 3 out of 4 20-35 year olds in America, stated that 'life has no intrinsic meaning'. In other words, there is no purpose.

Small wonder then that suicide rates are higher than ever among our young generations.

We've talked about George Bailey from the film, It's a Wonderful Life, a few times in this series. George was ready to throw himself off the bridge because he'd missed his true purpose. He was always looking beyond the horizon and dreaming of another life. It wasn't until he had the chance to see things from a different perspective and appreciate and be grateful for all that he had in his life that things started to look up. George was joyful and content with his life even before the whole town turned up and started pouring money on his table. Do you remember the scene? And they start singing Hark the Herald Angel's Sing! What a marvellous movie moment that is!

But the point is, he chose to see his true purpose and fix his eyes on it and be grateful and rejoice in the midst of great trial. We need to do the same brothers and sisters. God has a purpose for you. A general purpose and a specific.

Anyone who does something great in our life has to endure opposition and difficulty. Sometimes the pathway to our purpose is difficult. Sometimes it looks like we are headed in the completely opposite direction. But no amount of tribulation can rob you of your purpose if you refuse to allow it.

Here are three ways you can pursue your purpose. Serve others, rejoice and be grateful and seek God for opportunities with all your heart. If you cultivate the mindsets we've discovered in this series, your purpose will be fulfilled and you will find find happiness in tribulation.

Even Jesus' purpose seemed lost. WATCH NOW...

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